Far from the maddening crowd…

I have always loved to travel, I feel everyday is new when you are traveling. Experiencing new places and discovering the world. Words captured by the pen seem to take on a new life. Every place has a story, a history, a present and a future – all to be discovered. Sometimes the places that you think would offer little, can strike an inner chord that you never knew was there and that only you could feel. Sometimes it’s the vibe of a place and sometimes the aroma that can make an everlasting impression.We all experience places in differing ways, with differing emotions.

Finding the soul of a place is why I travel.

I recommend travel to everyone, because we all experience new places in our own individual ways. Strengthening the bond with the place we live in is nirvana for many. However for the traveler it’s a sense of freedom that comes with travel that we live for. It’s not about neglecting our duties but more about the sense of claustrophobia of being in a box that inhibits us as individuals.Simply put when I travel, I am trying to discover more of who I am, discovering the world in a way that reveals the best of the human spirit. As William Shakespeare put it “all the world is a stage”. What you see and understand of what goes on, on that stage is up to you.

Life is a mystery to most of us. When we travel we get the chance to reflect and to see for ourselves the beauty of the world.Travel, however is challenging. It challenges us to see and understand the world as it is, not through the words or the eyes of others but from our own first hand experiences.I love to discover human stories that reveal more about ourselves and the planet we inhabit. What is it about a place that can make us more human. More considerate, more connected to ourselves and those around us. Is it the space, the air we breath in that environment, is it the intimacy from the streets we walk. What is it that makes a great place, is it the creativity or the people. In lots of ways travel is a pilgrimage to finding a Zen moment in unexpected places.

I hope you enjoy the images and the stories on my blog. I hope you will be inspired to take a trip soon. All great trips start with the first step. Feel free to connect by email or hop on to the insta page. Can’t wait to hear from you soon.

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