Ancient Greece

What does Greece look and feel like to you?

Every tourist has an idea about Greece and what it looks like. A piercing blue sky with classic pure white buildings, clean streets and respectful local people who are generous with their time. Am I right? Well I wouldn’t think you a bad person if you said yes as this is what most people think when they think of when they think of Greece and its islands.

If you only want the tourist icons then I suggest not straying far from Santourini and Mykonos as these are tourist heaven. Fun filled days and nights. The streets are a buzz and the restraunts are always full and the food is beautiful and the service is world class. So what’s what not to like, you may ask? This maybe perfect if you want to escape the everyday grind. However there are a few of us that unfortunatly (I can hear my kids groaning now) may want a little bit of authenticity in out travels. Not grit but truth. I feel that traveling to places that are swamped by day tourists can kill the feeling I am searching for. So sometimes its heartwarming to discover places and people who are just going about their lives in ways that aren’t always tied to making money and profiting from the tourist industry that takes over their lives.

Around the world and back again.

In Greece there is a population that is happy to just to be Greek. Many Greeks have traveled to the far ends of the world and now they have returned. Everytime I have been to Greece I have met several people who have lived in other cities around the world and now they are happy to stay in Greece.

Happy not traveling.

There is a poplulation of people who are happy not traveling. These people seem to be able to tap into the soul of the place they live in ways that other simple don’t feel or understand. These people are the people I search out when I am traveling. They seem to be tied to the earth in a way that I think is beautiful. Their connection goes is beyond the ordinary. You will never find these people in the lobby of a five star hotel, you will never run into them at an airport. These are the people that make up the soul of a country. These people may never appear in a magazine or in any travel show. They are just getting on with their lives. This is why I think if you are looking to be a ‘tourist’ experiance its ok to go to all the Gucci resorts and Bars and Night spots.

However if you want to be a traveler the Greek islands can be a world unto themselves where you can discover the soul of Greece in its pure form. Simple in almost a monastic way. Clear in an unfashioned way. This to me is the Ancient soul of the country that you can still find in the small islands.

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