Who doesn’t love easy when you are on holiday?
Hawaii is a no brainer if you would like a vacation with out any hassels.
If you have kids Waikiki is a pleasure. Its as if this whole island is centred around making the stay for families an easy experience.
This island paradise is located just of the West coast of America.
So if you are heading to LA or returning either way is a great place for a stop over.
A mild tropical climate lends itself to a balmy life style. The Hawaiian style is beautifully low key. The mix of American, Asian and Pacifica life styles creates a blend of cultures like no other. This image was taken at the Hilton Hawaiian village. Its just a snap really, taken on my iPhone, however it  captures it all. Sometimes you just don’t need a great camera to capture the best of times. This for me was like a Cartier Bresson moment. All the elements fell together at the time to create a perfect memory. Thank you Hawaii, your memories are always beautiful.