Few things are strange and seldom do you see something that can captivate you and stop you in your tracks.

When we do travel, life unravels and leaves us more open. Far away from the everyday.

So the mundane gets pushed to the side and we become more available to nature.

When we go skiing you really feel the crunch of the snow, and when sailing the openness of the ocean sea leaves us in ore.

When climbing a mountain the light seems more abundant, the exposure to the sun itself seems to uplift in a way that just takes your breath away.


Sometimes that shift in normal is what we hope for.

This I believe is what all adventurers persuit, a connection to the unknown.

When we are immersed in nature we are somehow more connected and in touch with our feelings. A reflective ability to feel more.


In the middle of the day the cool afternoon mist arrived to the shore line at Santa Monica beach, the bright sun was dissolved into a momentary haze.

The type of cool mist you see rising from an ice cube that has just been plucked from the freezer on a summer afternoon.

It was all enveloping, a yearning mist that wants to escape from itself in such a way it runs everywhere.

The locals at the beach know this mist well and and sit through its arrival as nothing happened. A moment in time that will pass.

To the uniformed eye its the unknown.

As the lady at the waters edge is greeting the cooling mist, as the tourists look on in amazement.

The surfers appear the hover in the mist.

The mist not really cold, just cooling. Not really a weather change, just an instance.

Its like the cousin of a rainbow. A similar personality, but different looks.

This is why we travel, to experience the unexpected.