Rebellion by design.

We often forget how lucky we are.

We often forget how we have managed to develop such a well balanced and well meaning society. A place where a place where we can get a fair go. However this hasn’t always been the dream for some.Many have used their position in different societies to keep the struggling and the developing out of step with progress and to limit their capacity and to ride the wave of change.

So how do we, who live in a “fair go” country?

Living in a fluid economy means constantly adjusting to keep in step with progress. Managing not to fall into the same societal traps that have limited so many countries throughout history is a constant challenge. Leading by example and not by force is the greatest challenge for all economies.

Rebellion, Revolution and Innovation

Rebellion is defined as the act of defiance. It doesn’t nesseserilly mean change it is more of a statement about the level of inequality in our society. It can be expressed in many forms of public protest. If ignored or suppressed this can lead to revolution. Which is a violent uprising of the repressed and down troden people of society. This is well portrayed in the famous novel “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo.

Strangely enough the outcome in all revolutions is a stifling lack of progress and usually a societal stalemate. There maybe short terms gains and a redistribution of wealth within the society through looting and anarchy. However unless the process of Governance manages the underlying societal problems the status quo will remain.Indeed further societal decay can occur if revolution causes anarchy in society. Whole countries have been torn apart in the name of progress for example the great societal dividing of India and Pakistan in August of 1947.

So how do we maintain progress without falling apart?

The answer is innovation. All countries that have embraced design technology have been able to manage to avoid revolution and to embrace innovation. Rebellion put through design produces innovation.

Design is taking the same components and changing some features to enable change for the better of the whole mechanism. So just like changing the house and the cart for the automobile. The engine is changed but the mechanism is the same. In a similar way our society is going through innovative changes. We are moving away from traditional labour intensive work and moving towards tech driven work. This will enable employees to concentrate more on the design and development of the production process. This will enable people to have a fair go at being a part of an equitable society rather than being shackled to the inequalities of the past.

So What has this got to do with advertising?

Taking the right approach to thought leadership is the key to communicating en masse. Humanity by design is the key to future success. Many people vote because of their interests and not just because they are willing to follow authority. Political parties may have the best intent but still can be voted out of power because they are not willing to listen to the voice of change. Thos e who listen interpret and innovate are the ones that will lead any county into the future. This is the power of good communication through advertising. By avoiding the misstep of revolution our society will be able to grow and flourish in ways that other countries have failed in the past.

So as our society changes and innovates so to do we.

Quid pro Quo.

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