Who doesn’t like fun, Sun and Surf?

California is like a day off. Everyone seems as they are on a constant long weekend. Bike hire sure, why not.

Sun screen, hat and a smile, yes that will do nicely.

In the daytime in Santa Monica is busy but not bustling. A lot of locals call this place home, so its a real balance between tourism and lifestyle, which is what makes it so unique. Its only half an hour drive from the airport. This short drive really makes you feel like you have connected with California. Even though LA is known for its movie makers this area is like a dream. The warm summer sun can be cooled by a incoming sea breeze with stops the temperatures from climbing to high. Which takes all the humidity out of the air. The sea air is clean an refreshing. Finding a spot on the beach is easy as the beach stretches South  to Venice beach and North to Pacific Palisades.

The sunset at Santa Monica is amazing, it looks like a still from a movie. The colours are saturated and alive.So if you are just blowing into California and need a stop over I would recommend a stay at Santa Monica beach.