why do I need a visual identity?

Because Google and Ebay can reach any segment of online consumer at any time with their online and display advertising, the greatest fear for brands today is to appear to be generic. Being seen as being unique in the consumers eyes is of utmost value because if a product is generic and doesn't have a point of brand difference the consumer will then purchase on price and will commoditise your product, which can cause a downward spiral. Moving to have a clear visual identity which works in line with a defined tone of voice enables brands to become instantly identifiable in what can be an over crowded market place. Having a defined visual identity helps audiences understand and connect with your brands core values.

What is visual Identity?

No second Chance At A First Impression

Today strong brands are striving to be the flag pole that people willingly identify with, and gather under and associate with on social media.

Not just because the brands they associate with are renowned, but because people understand and identity with these brands and their values.


However, no brand can be everything to everybody. Its simply not possible. 

To get around this the biggest and most successful brands try to be relevant to as many people as they can, this is why they strive to have a cohesive visual presence so they can be easily identified by consumers in what ever medium they appear.


What is the difference between visual identity and brand identity?

Visual identity and brand identity are similar but not the same.

Visual identity has to do with the things people see when they interact with your brand.

Brand identity extends beyond visuals to cover everything that makes your brand come alive for example the tone of voice, story, values, persona, mission statement, value proposition, style guides, and more. Brand identity is a expression of who the brand is on the inside.

The visual identity of a brand is how they appear in the media or their presence in the market place, and their style. A good example of this is Tiffany’s the Jewellers.

This brand makes all their products clearly identifiable and have a clear visual impression. You know their advertising immediately and you can easily know who are trying to copy or emulate them. 

Brand identity is the way the brand makes you feel, how they speak to their audience and their general attitude and the market presence.

If a company were an actor, you can tell instantly what the difference is.

Say the difference between Joey and Ross on Friends. Both quirky, but both very different.

Having a strong visual identity and a strong brand presence is the key to product differentiation and market place positioning.

From a brand perspective in the current era of social media, it is challenging.

The question has been asked many times 

“How do you not become repetitive and boring in these times of fluid change?”

The answer is to embrace change, and to be true to yourself and your core values. Speak on your terms and have a conversation with your audience through the channels they use, about the current themes in the way that they understand and value. 

So to be clear the key to good visual communication is to have a easily recognisable style that people can understand and identity with, it is the finger print your brand will leave on all its advertising, whether it appears online or in print.

The visual identity acts like an inverse prism, unifying and bringing all of the different ingredients together with a singular focus that can create a strong brand resonance in the market place.This is why it is a key component of campaign identity and brand success.

What is the Power of Visual identity?

01 Essential

Visual identity is essential because it helps to create a captivating and consistent visual representation of a brand that consumers can easily recognise.

02 Different

A solid visual identity across all marketing and products can help to differentiate a brand from its competitors and create trust and credibility with consumers.

03 cohesive

If your brand don’t have a cohesive and engaging visual identity that aligns with your brand’s personality, you’re going to get lost in the sea of competitors.

Why is having a visual identity important for social media?

TAKing your social TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

A brand community is made up of a group of people who share a common interest or affinity to a brand. Today you will find them on the internet, if not in a chat rooms or on social media. They gather to discuss issues that they feel is important to their group.

A good examples of brand communities are Nike and Apple, they have both built communities of fans around their brands over time, enabling their communication style to align with their brand values and audience preferences.

Both of these brands have always been strong advocates for brand visual communication and they have valued the consumer input to their brand. Which has made their storytelling surrounding their brands authentic and have a real resonance amongst their consumers.

This resonance or brand halo helps to improve brand loyalty, receive valuable feedback, and generate word-of-mouth promotion.

Which ultimately strengthens a brand’s presence and customer relationships because customers feel they have been heard and understood publicly.

This is why any brand needs a cohesive visual identity on the web and thought the brand visual communication, so people know they are in the right place.

How do you create a visual identity?

It all starts by identifying the brand personality (see brand archetypes) and customer experience you want to provide and then aligning these two with your brand’s mission statement.

Do you want your brand to be casual, formal, playful, or professional?

Understanding this will help you maintain a consistent voice across your website, campaigns, and ads to build a recognisable and authentic brand presence. From this archetype scheme I created “Beach Queen” and all the content for the online brand presence.

Beach Queen

From the Beach to the bar

Beach Queen is a small startup business from the South West of Sydney. As the business was developing the two partners could not decide on how they wanted the brand to look and so reached out to me to create a brand identity and a brand style that could extend into all of their ad content both online and in print. This included their logo, their social and web assets. 

I chose an Explorer brand personality for their brand that went with their spirit of adventure and fun that would sit well on the high street or in a surf shop.

To complete their brief I had to create video for instagram, Web banners, a landing web page, posters for in store and bus shelters. Also an app that could be used for online purchases from initial browsing to check out, wire framed in Adobe UX.

The Value Of Being Unique

Because Google and Ebay have mastered the art of reach much of what we see online today can be generic, and can be built from templates. Which can be bland and at worst commoditise your product.  Moving to have a clear visual identity which works in line with a defined tone of voice enables brands to become instantly identifiable in what can be an over crowded market place.

Making the medium work

From OOH To ahh!

Taking your visual identity into every medium from online to out of home.


badboys booze co

Creative Thinking For When Your Brand Is

...a little bit Naughty!

This online start up brand needs to be different to gain visibility. The owner knows the market is filled with brands with deep pockets who can target the moms & pops of Australian cities. To ascribe a place in the market they had to choose a different demographic. We looked to get the attention of a curious, wine loving audience with a different sense of humour. The audience is proudly Australian and cultured. This is why the theme of Old Hollywoood sits perfectly with this brand and how it talks to its audience. So next time you are feeling a bit naughty…think badboys. 

Classical Styling


Vandoros is a brand that has really gone a long way in a short time, moving from a small warehouse to becoming the premier ribbon brand in Australia.

Their business had grown and had a solid foothold in the B2B market. However at the beginning of their journey into B2C recognition they needed to express their brand in a way that would gain them recognition without over simplifying or overstating their product.

Their customer base was split into gift wrapping and scrap booking. This was where their brand became unhinged. They were stuck in a creative “fork in the road” they didn’t know which way to turn. A move to far towards the gift wrapping and they feared they would lose their audience who loved their decorative qualities of their textured prints for their craft projects. The solution was to create images that gave an impression of perfectly hand crafted materials. 

As a product that was used in wrapping they needed to show the tactile feature of the beautiful ribbons, and how a simple ribbon added to anything could have transformative qualities and how the simple act of adding a ribbon and paper had the ability to change a present into a gift. It’s all in the presentation.

These images were used for trade show banners, trade magazine ads, promotional flyers and web content. Their tactile quality and the visual unity became their trade signature that propelled their brand forward visually.

Ad development

human touch

Inspired Connection


This is a concept that was designed to reduce loneliness in Australian cities. 

The idea of WE3 is – if three people get together then you can never be lonely, because you are always looking out for each other.

I was inspired by images I had seen on Pinterest of old Soviet era matchbox art. So I copied and re – invented the design to how we choose to connect on a cultural and personal level.

The poster are designed to fit into bus shelters and for social media and magazine pages.

Corporate Identity

This image was designed to appeal to the corporate sector and to be used on Linkedin and other social media.

The human connection

This image was to be used on posters and T-shirts.


This image was designed to be used in education and government to illustrate the idea that we all need not just to support the idea of the human connection but also we each need to take an active part in creating a better future for us all.

Pushing the envelope

Creating marketing images for exclusive brands is challenging. This exclusive brand of Scotch Whiskey that wanted to create a larger brand appeal without upsetting a very elite and established customer base. 

The challenge with exclusive brands is they are only exclusive if they are out of reach from the popular market and you only achieve elite status if you are recognised by the elite. To achieve this elite status this brand were only selling their whiskey in vat lots. Which came at a very high price tag. However this was unsustainable if they were to grow.

the problem

So how do you increase sales without damaging the exclusivity of your brand?

The strategy

The solution was to make the offering for everyone who appreciates a fine Whiskey.

It will be available, but only at select fine whiskey establishments and to do short runs to maintain their elite status until they broaden their distribution network to became so popular they could maintain a credible market position with critical acclaim.

The Image

The visual impression for this project would be created from the Whiskey makers point of view. It would appear be a fine whiskey that had been hand crafted by an artisan, and was an offering made just for you.

The Impression

It is a drink for those that know and appreciate what goes into making finer things. This way all the heritage that went into the creation of such a fine Whiskey will always be appreciated, even though it is limited in its supply, and should be appreciated for this and respected just like a fine work of art.

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